Student Testimonials

College Counseling "Based on my interests in sports marketing, Michael encouraged me to build my own shoe trading business. I could say in my applications that I had started my own business and earned thousands of dollars before graduating high school." - Kevin, Maryland
English "I had always been strong at finding the key points in texts, but I was never able to connect ideas strongly enough in my essay writing. Michael taught me the flow that raised my English grade from a B to an A." - James, Taipei
AP History "Document-Based Questions on the AP World History exam usually overwhelmed me, because there was so much information to process in such a little time. Michael’s think STEP writing process reduced my stress and gave me more time to complete my essay." - Emily, Linkou
AP History "How is it possible to write an essay that connects five random quotes and a map of colonial Africa? Michael helped make it easy, and I got a 5 on AP World History." - Josh, Hawaii
AP Politics "When studying politics, I had no idea that a government’s decision could be impacted by so many different factors. Michael helped me understand how to clearly break down various viewpoints, discover the degree of their impact, and effectively explain how the government should pursue a specific policy." - Jordan, Missouri
IB English It is extremely challenging to analyze multiple poems all at once. Michael’s think STEP process helped me achieve the top possible mark of 7 on IB English Literature." - Mary, Taipei

Student Success Stories

Class of 2021 ResultsMajor: Many!

think STEP is proud to announce the results for our Class of 2021. Our highlights include acceptances to UC-Berkeley and […]

Stanford UniversityMajor: Computer Science and Gender Studies

This student combined passion for Computer Science and women's rights to create a coding camp for elementary school girls

Northwestern UniversityMajor: Journalism

An ambitious Editor-in-Chief transforms her high school's newspaper from paper to digital format

UPennMajor: Bioengineering

This student taught the drums to deaf people in order to connect the dots between engineering, deafness, and music.

UCLAMajor: Psychology

A shy student builds a business to help other shy students express their emotions.

Washington University in St. LouisMajor: Chemistry (Pre-Med)

A student connects chemistry and cooking as a ticket to a Pre-Med program.

think STEP Graduates

  • Columbia University (Top 3)
  • Yale University (Top 3)
  • Stanford University (Top 6)
  • University of Chicago (Top 6)
  • UPenn (Top 8)
  • Northwestern University (Top 9)
  • Duke University (Top 10)
  • Brown University (Top 14)
  • Notre Dame (Top 15)
  • Cornell University (Top 16)
  • UCLA (Top 19)
  • Washington U. St. Louis (Top 19)
  • UC-Berkeley (Top 22)
  • Carnegie Mellon (Top 25)
  • University of Virginia (Top 25)
  • University of Michigan (Top 27)
  • Tufts University (Top 27)
  • New York University (Top 30)
  • UC Irvine (Top 33)
  • University of Florida (Top 34)
  • UC Davis (Top 38)
  • UCSD (Top 41)
  • Boston University (Top 42)
  • Case Western Reserve U. (Top 42)
  • Northeastern University (Top 44)
  • University of Illinois (Top 46)
  • U. of Wisconsin-Madison (Top 49)
  • Leigh University (Top 50)
  • Penn State (Top 50)
  • UW Seattle (Top 62)
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