think STEP specializes in AP and IB courses that prove to universities that you possess extensive English language fluency.

Writing-Intensive Courses set you apart from other international applicants.

AP and IB tests give students the opportunity to study university-level material while still in high school. It shows universities that you are fully prepared for the academic rigor and challenges of university.

Whereas international students frequently take AP and IB classes for the maths and sciences, those students who can also succeed in writing-intensive AP and IB classes (such as English and History) can reach even higher academic and college admission goals.

Academics alone is not enough. 1/3 of every admissions decision is based on personal and extracurricular metrics. think STEP’s mission is to build proactive students AND leaders.

Unique Methodology

Applying think STEP’s RAC Philosophy to AP and IB exams produces amazing results - fast.

AP and IB exams require analyzing multiple texts before writing a persuasive essay in only 30 to 40 minutes. Here are some sample questions from AP and IB exams to demonstrate the application and value of think STEP’s RAC philosophy.

AP English Literature Prompt:

Are you ready to analyze and connect multiple poems that you’ve never seen before?

think STEP RAC Analysis:

think STEP’s RAC paradigm will help you quickly outline the text before writing a top-notch essay.

IBHL History Prompt:

Do you remember Pope Clement IV’s impact on European history?

think STEP RAC Analysis:

If you can’t remember the details of Pope Clement IV, then RAC will help save your day.

Available Subjects

Success in AP and IB tests requires higher-level thinking skills that think STEP specializes in teaching. If you study at TAS, TES, or other schools with international curricula, then come join our tailored AP and IB courses today in the following subjects:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
1700 - 1830 1-on-1 1-on-1 1-on-1 1-on-1 1-on-1
1830 - 2130 1-on-1 OFF AP English Lit IB History Y1 AP Macro
1700 - 1830 1830 - 2130
Mon 1-on-1 1-on-1
Tue 1-on-1 OFF
Wed 1-on-1 AP English Lit
Thu 1-on-1 IB History Y1
Fri 1-on-1 AP Macro
Sat Sun
0800 - 0930 1-on-1 1-on-1
0930 - 1230 AP World Hist. AP US History
1330 - 1630 Domin. Hist. 8 AP English Lit
1630 - 1930 KC Eng. 10 Fuxing Eng. 9
2000 - 2130 1-on-1 1-on-1
No Class Makeup Date