Triangle of Talent™

The Triangle of Talent™ has a reason for being--a perfect SAT score only gives you a 50% chance of admission to the most competitive American universities. Admitted students must also possess stand-out resumés and achievements.


ThinkSTEP Triangle of Talent(TM)


Approximately 66% of an American university’s admissions decision is based upon academics; the rest, extracurriculars. In other words, a student with a 4.0 GPA and common extracurriculars would get a 66% (D+) on their admissions application!

Based on our college admissions Triangle of Talent™ model, think STEP prepares students to execute academic plans, extracurricular projects and application essays that set themselves above their competitors in college admissions.

Still need help with your academics? think STEP also helps students get back to writing and communication basics with the Study STEPs program.

A Powerful Process

The Triangle of Talent™ helps students build up powerful SYNERGY during their high school experience.

To achieve maximum synergy from all three elements of the Triangle of Talent™, think STEP offers 4 STEPs for its students’ university admissions and college counseling journey, preferably beginning in the 9th grade. By aligning and coordinating all corners of the Triangle, the student’s application becomes exponentially more compelling and attractive to the admissions committee.


  • 1. Self Discovery

    Universities seek students who understand who they are and what they want out of their education. We provide various personality and career tests to help students discover the answer to this question.

  • 2. Resume Project Planning

    Once students understand their goals, think STEP helps them achieve those goals by building a high-impact project that can help them learn by facing and overcoming obstacles. Their achievements will serve as excellent foundations for university application essays.

  • 3. University List Creation

    think STEP suggests 20 universities for each student based on mutual fit and risk-adjusted admissions chances

  • 4. Amazing Applications

    Essays require precise strategy and execution. For each essay, think STEP aligns student experience and goals with university missions and values in order to build the most persuasive case for acceptance.

think STEP Graduates

  • Columbia University (Top 3)
  • Yale University (Top 3)
  • Stanford University (Top 6)
  • University of Chicago (Top 6)
  • UPenn (Top 8)
  • Northwestern University (Top 9)
  • Duke University (Top 10)
  • Brown University (Top 14)
  • Notre Dame (Top 15)
  • Cornell University (Top 16)
  • UCLA (Top 19)
  • Washington U. St. Louis (Top 19)
  • UC-Berkeley (Top 22)
  • Carnegie Mellon (Top 25)
  • University of Virginia (Top 25)
  • University of Michigan (Top 27)
  • Tufts University (Top 27)
  • New York University (Top 30)
  • UC Irvine (Top 33)
  • University of Florida (Top 34)
  • UC Davis (Top 38)
  • UCSD (Top 41)
  • Boston University (Top 42)
  • Case Western Reserve U. (Top 42)
  • Northeastern University (Top 44)
  • University of Illinois (Top 46)
  • U. of Wisconsin-Madison (Top 49)
  • Leigh University (Top 50)
  • Penn State (Top 50)
  • UW Seattle (Top 62)
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1830 - 2130 1-on-1 OFF AP English Lit IB History Y1 AP Macro
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Tue 1-on-1 OFF
Wed 1-on-1 AP English Lit
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Fri 1-on-1 AP Macro
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