Academic Programs

Combined with weekly 1-on-1 tutoring, think STEP's learning and leadership programs offer 3 to 6 students an opportunity to build academic and communication skills.

Study STEPs

University-level study skills take years to develop. Begin the think STEP journey as early as the 7th grade.

  • Learn to Read, Analyze, Communicate
  • Improve Homework and Exam Performance
  • Develop Leadership and Discussion Skills

IB/AP Courses

IB/AP courses show that you are capable of succeeding in a university classroom.

  • Demonstrate your critical thinking skill
  • Prove your English fluency
  • Boost your GPA

Admissions Strategy

Top applicants all have perfect grades. think STEP Admissions Strategy programs will give you the tools you need to build a winning resumé and application.

Triangle of Talent™ Program

think STEP’s Triangle of Talent™ Admissions Strategy Program will set you and your application apart from your competitors.

  • Self-Discovery Exercises
  • High School Planning
  • School List Creation
  • Amazing Applications
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
1700 - 1830 1-on-1 1-on-1 1-on-1 1-on-1 1-on-1
1830 - 2130 1-on-1 OFF AP English Lit IB History Y1 AP Macro
1700 - 1830 1830 - 2130
Mon 1-on-1 1-on-1
Tue 1-on-1 OFF
Wed 1-on-1 AP English Lit
Thu 1-on-1 IB History Y1
Fri 1-on-1 AP Macro
Sat Sun
0800 - 0930 1-on-1 1-on-1
0930 - 1230 AP World Hist. AP US History
1330 - 1630 Domin. Hist. 8 AP English Lit
1630 - 1930 KC Eng. 10 Fuxing Eng. 9
2000 - 2130 1-on-1 1-on-1
No Class Makeup Date