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Congratulations, Class of 2021!

think STEP is proud to announce the results for our Class of 2021. Our highlights include acceptances to UC-Berkeley and […]

The Necessity of External Admissions Support

Even the top high schools offer only a 100:1 counselor ratio. Is your child getting enough personal attention for their university admissions process?

Case Study: Stanford University

This student combined passion for Computer Science and women's rights to create a coding camp for elementary school girls

Preventing loneliness during university

The New York Times just highlighted how students have become more lonely on campus due to digital media. Stuck on […]

COVID-19 Impact on Admissions and University Life

Due to coronavirus-based changes, this blog will summarize what you need to know for applying to university this year and living on campus beyond that.

Global Competition List

For students who are extremely focused on a specific preferred major or future career, global competitions are an incredible opportunity […]

Gap Year: The Benefits and Drawbacks

More and more students decide to take a year away from studying between high school and university. The possibilities are endless.

Patents and University Admissions

Why do universities value and emphasize research while becoming giddy when they see it on a student’s resume? The answer is unexpected but extremely insightful.

Case Study: Northwestern University

An ambitious Editor-in-Chief transforms her high school's newspaper from paper to digital format

Case Study: UPenn

This student taught the drums to deaf people in order to connect the dots between engineering, deafness, and music.

Case Study: UCLA

A shy student builds a business to help other shy students express their emotions.

Summer Planning

Americans and Taiwanese typically spend their summers in very different ways. This discrepancy can have a negative impact on admissions […]

Case Study: Washington University in St. Louis

A student connects chemistry and cooking as a ticket to a Pre-Med program.

Case Study: Brown University

This student combined his passion for computing and medicine to help elderly people stay in touch with their families for the sake of mental and physical health.

ICRT Interview

think STEP founder Michael is on ICRT! Want to know more about the STEPs to university admissions success? Michael explains […]

Case Study: UC Berkeley

A student asks a professor to join her research program, making some interesting, eccentric research topics and discoveries!

Case Study: Duke University

Many top universities do not require you to apply to a major, so an intense interest in a less popular subject may allow you to be admitted (after which you can pick any major you want)

Case Study: University of Chicago

A young man who loves solving mysteries, this student won national prizes in puzzle contests and participated in an internship at a cardiologist's office.

Case Study: University of Virginia

An injured athlete discovers his passion for Exercise Science during his rehabilitation

Case Study: UC-Irvine

This student's passion for reading led to a project helping local children at the community library

Case Study: UC-Berkeley

A teen takes a part-time job in construction to not only survive but also learn more about engineering

Case Study: Cornell University

This teen created a project to reduce hotel waste while also helping the poor

Inside the Admissions Process

When preparing to apply to American universities, most parents and students know that universities seek students with both academic and extracurricular accomplishments and awards.

Balancing AP/IB courses and GPA

Weighted GPA, AP, IB….what does this all mean? The role of AP grades and your child’s GPA in the admissions […]

Tags: The Secret Ingredient of College Admissions

A tag means that the applicant is a high priority admissions candidate for the university. Admission rates for tags are typically much higher than the overall admission rate.

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