Build your STEPs to University Admissions Success.

think STEP helps you construct a University Admissions Triangle of Talent™ for reaching your dream school: academics, extracurricular leadership, and your personal story.

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The Triangle of Talent™

ThinkSTEP Triangle of Talent(TM)


In today’s competitive environment, top grades and test scores no longer guarantee admission to a top university. Beyond academics, schools seek passionate and motivated leaders who have a purpose to make a difference in the world.

think STEP’s Triangle of Talent™ philosophy helps students discover that purpose in order to strengthen their academic profile, build up resumé accomplishments, and link both together in their personal story and admissions essays.


Boost your GPA by dramatically improving your grades in English, History, and other social science courses


Learn leadership skills to proactively create your own extracurricular opportunities (instead of passively joining a club)

Personal story

Create admissions essays that unify your extracurricular and academic pursuits in order to express your personal story and goals

Academics alone is not enough. 1/3 of every admissions decision is based on personal and extracurricular metrics. think STEP’s mission is to build proactive students AND leaders.

think STEP’s Action Plan Boosts Your Admissions Success

think STEP believes that writing, communication, and social skills are the pillars for future success in academic and leadership settings. Students must begin preparation in middle school in order for think STEP skills to exponentially increase their admissions opportunities.

Once in the 11th and 12 grades, think STEP students are prepared to demonstrate English fluency in writing-intensive APs, standing out from international students who only have AP math and science scores.


Top universities desire students with think STEP values

Based on our years of expertise in preparing students for university admissions, think STEP’s curriculum teaches students self-responsibility as the gateway to critical thinking and leadership capabilities.

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1700 - 1830 1-on-1 1-on-1 1-on-1 1-on-1 1-on-1
1830 - 2130 1-on-1 OFF AP English Lit IB History Y1 AP Macro
1700 - 1830 1830 - 2130
Mon 1-on-1 1-on-1
Tue 1-on-1 OFF
Wed 1-on-1 AP English Lit
Thu 1-on-1 IB History Y1
Fri 1-on-1 AP Macro
Sat Sun
0800 - 0930 1-on-1 1-on-1
0930 - 1230 AP World Hist. AP US History
1330 - 1630 Domin. Hist. 8 AP English Lit
1630 - 1930 KC Eng. 10 Fuxing Eng. 9
2000 - 2130 1-on-1 1-on-1
No Class Makeup Date